The Devil Takes One

and other stories

In Dennis Chandler’s new work of fiction, fifteen stories are set against a shifting economic landscape in the rural Midwest. In each, the protagonist is after something—money, status, equilibrium, redemption. But as most discover in the homestretch, their endgame goal isn’t so easy to come by...

Included in the collection:

· Young fans of a cult film provide an unexpected second chance to an aging actor barely scraping by while living with his ex-wife in a dilapidated church.

· A game warden orchestrates a showdown with local poachers, using that spark of adversity to push back the depression that stalks him.

· An arrogant social worker is demoted from a cushy city job to a position in a small town, where he bullies his welfare clients until falling on hard times himself.

· A Hollywood filmmaker is faced with an old mystery and becomes entangled in a present day conflict when she visits Wisconsin to honor a request by her elderly father.

· A fisherman rescued from a violent storm by strangers is pulled into a backwoods birthday party where he has a life-changing epiphany.

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Red Clay

Finding his professional life unsustainable, a school psychologist seeks refuge on the remote south shore of the largest freshwater lake in the world.


Chippewa River, Wisconsin

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